Our extensive effort we have been able to make the various industries identify our brand name for quality and performance. Our Brands are as follows

Arklon: A high impact grade Cast nylon developed specifically for the need of Textiles spinning mills.

Castlon: a versatile engineering polyamide developed for steel, Cement, rubber and tyres, paper and sugar, material handling and Mining industry

Our products have been able to perform well due to their inherent properties which are as follows

CASTLON - A versatile engineering polyamide result of a new technology in engineering Plastics manufactured by monomar casting process developed to cater to the needs of Heavy Engineering Industry.

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Arklon is a high impact grade Cast nylon developed to cater to the needs of Textile industries. Comber Spools used in spinning mills are manufactured from Arklon to provide additional features 

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  Properties of Arklon and Castlon



Melting Temperature 215oC
Density 14 g/cm3
Tensile Strength at yield 750 Kg/cm2
Elongation at yield 9% - 12 %
E-modulus 24000 Kg/cm2
Hardness Rockwell @23oC R 112
Notched impact strength at 20oC 2.9 ft lb/in



  Co efficient of friction


  No lubrication 0.30 - 0.40
  Initial lubrication 0.05 - 0.10



  Co efficient of thermal expansion


  ASTM D696  100 - 130 10 -6/0 C



  Dielectric strength


  ASTM D149  400 V/mil




  Advantage of Arklon and Castlon


Light Weight 

Arklon is almost 8 times lighter than bronze, 7 times lighter than cast iron, half the weight which reduces Power conception, inertia, static load and centrifugal load in parts.

Self Lubrication 

Arklon had a low co-efficient of friction which almost eliminates the need for lubrication, saving cost of lubrication and eliminates the installation and maintenance of automatic lubricating systems thus minimizing cost and downtime.

Shock resistance 

Good resilience allows deflection without permanent deformation. Arklon/Castlon have the ability to absorb shock loads, which could crack or break metal teeth.

Vibration dampening performance

Unlike metals Arklon / Castlon have excellent vibration absorption characters which prevent loosening during operation

High wear and abrasion resistance 

Arklon / Castlon is more abrasion resistance than most metals and plastics it absorbs the abrasive particles which minimize the wear on mating metal component.

High tensile and compressive strength

Outstanding properties allow support to heavy bearing load. Arklon is rigid and offers grater hardness, modulus of elasticity.


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