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- Castlon



CASTLON - A versatile engineering polyamide result of a new technology in engineering Plastics manufactured by monomar casting process developed to cater to the needs of Heavy Engineering Industry viz. Steel cement, rubber and tyres industry, paper and sugar, material handling and mining industry.

Castlon has properties similar to Nylon 66 material but with lower moisture absorption and improved strength. It enables production of stress-free stock shapes of almost unlimited size and its high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance makes its an ideal replacement to Brass, Bronze Gunmetal etc.





  Melting Temperature   215oC
  Density  14 g/cm3
  Tensile Strength at yield   750 Kg/cm2
  Elongation at yield   9% - 12 %
  E-modulus   24000 Kg/cm2
  Hardness Rockwell @23oC   R 112
  Notched impact strength at 20oC   2.9 ft lb/in




  Co efficient of friction


  No lubrication 0.30 - 0.40
  Initial lubrication 0.05 - 0.10



  Co efficient of thermal expansion


  ASTM D696  100 - 130 10 -6/0 C



  Dielectric strength


  ASTM D149  400 V/mil



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    Some of the suggested Application for Castlon 




Material Handling

Castlon due to its high tensile, resilence and excellent abrassion resistance find a lot of application in materialhandling In Conveyor Equipment, Rope way systems Cranes and Tolleys, Lifting tackles, Bulk material handling etc. Due to its advantages Castlon has been accepted by many original equipment manufactures as a right component replacing Brass, Bronze, Gunmetal etc.

Some of Suggested application of Cast nylon in material handling are


Sheaves and pulleys

Guide Rollers and Cam Rollers

Idler and idler Bush
Running wheels
Drive Sprocket
Slide Shoe and Guide



Steel industries

Ever so many companies are manufacturing slipper pads in different materials, but, Castlon has its own place in the steel industry & there is no equivalent products available now.

Slipper pads and wobller blocks used in steel rolling mills. Castlon slipper pad due to their better wear resistance has replaced gun metal and phosphor bronze slipper pads due to better life and performance


Pressure board and drag board used in slitting annealing and decoiling line



Cement and minning


Ropeway tyres and sheaves in Ariel ropeways

Bushes and bearing are used to replace gunmetal bushes and bearing due to their better abrasive resistance

Wear plates and liners


Rubber and tyre industries


Mixing mill guides

Calendar guides have replaced bronze and cast iron guides in rubber and tyre.


Nip Guide

Castlon due to its excellent wear resistance doesn't wear out the Mixing mill roll thereby preventing formation machine bur and dust which affect the quality of rubber.




 Gears, Cams, Sprockets, Bushes, Bearings,

  Pulleys, Liners.

 Steel - Rolling & Rerolling

 Slipper pads, Wear Strips, /rollers, Eccentric

  Rollers, Wobble box inserts

 Material Handling

 Crane Sheaves, Bearing pads, bushes,

 Rollers, Guides, Drive Sprockets, Wear pads

 & Strips, Thrust washers etc.


 Ropeway tyres, Sheaves, Carriage Wheel

 Bushes etc.

 Paper & Sugar  Gears, Bearings, Bushes etc.
 Bottling And Food Processing

 Star Wheels, Scrolls, Cams, Cam Rollers,

 Timing Screws.

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