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Arklon Lap Spool

(- a high impact grade Cast Nylon specially developed for comber spool in Spinning Mill)
Arklon sheaves

Arklon sheaves prove to be the right material in applications where design parameters requires light weight yet durable, corrosion resistant material capable of operating in harsh mining environment

There are only a few manufacturing options within the engineering thermoplastic family for large components such as the one shown in the picture... >> read more

Cherry Hara

Arklon is a high impact grade Cast nylon developed to carter to the needs of Textile industries. Comber Spools used in spinning mills are manufactured from Arklon to provide additional features.

Arklon Spools

Arklon Spools are manufactured by centrifugal system wherein the polymerization takes place in the molten stage. Due to this direct polymerization our spools retain its stability Even after a long period of time.



Comparision of Arklon spools with hylam and paper steel spools



Arklon Spools have higher tensile strength and better resilience than other spools due to which it doesn't brake under impact during disc locking.


The vents are provided for release of air packet formed during lap winding


High precession jigs are used for balancing thereby improving the life of spools


Arklon has high molecular weight making the spool inheritently stable


Other features like good toughness, self lubrication and wear resistance enable Arklon spools to give two to three times more life than hylam and other fibre spools




Arklon lap spools have been accepted in all the leading mills in India and We supply lap Spools to comber machines like rieter, vouk, marzoli, Lakshmi rieter, toyoda cherry hara and howa all the 

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  Specification of Arklon Spools






  Rieter Unilap Spools   200 mm Dia X 301 mm Long   Vents to remove air pockets
  LR Ribbon lap spools   145 mm Dia X 299.2 mm long   With Drill Cloth Lamination
  LR Silver lap spools   145 mm Dia X 249.2 mm long   With Drill Cloth Lamination
  Cherry Hara Ribbon Lap   180 mm Dia X 301 mm long

  With Drill Cloth Lamination /

  Velcro Lamination / knurling

  Cherry Hara (Silver lap)   180 mm Dia X 233 mm long

  With Drill Cloth Lamination /

   Velcro Lamination / knurling

  Vouk Unilap Spools   190 mm Dia X 302 mm long   Vents to remove air pockets
  Toyoda Spools   100 mm Dia X 267 mm long   With Drill Cloth Lamination
  Hova Spools   120 mm Dia X 280 mm long   With Drill Cloth Lamination
  Super Lap Spool   135 mm Dia X 300 mm long   With Drill Cloth Lamination

Arklon is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of gears in textile industries as connecting gears incase of high load the Arklon gear get damaged and thereby protecting the machinery shagt and main gear

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  Melting Temperature   215oC
  Density   14 g/cm3
  Tensile Strength at yield   750 Kg/cm2
  Elongation at yield   9% - 12 %
  E-modulus   24000 Kg/cm2
  Hardness Rockwell @23oC   R 112
  Notched impact strength at 20oC   2.9 ft lb/in

  Co efficient of friction


  No lubrication 0.30 - 0.40
  Initial lubrication 0.05 - 0.10



  Co efficient of thermal expansion


  ASTM D696  100 - 130 10 -6/0 C



  Dielectric strength


  ASTM D149  400 V/mil


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